Creality Falcon2 High Power 22W Laser Cutter & Engraver

Creality Falcon2 High Power 22W Laser Cutter & Engraver

Creality, a global pioneer in 3D printing, will launch the next-generation laser engraver, Falcon2, in a livestream event. This new 22W laser engraver makes some significant improvements and will be available since February 14, 2023, at 9:00 AM EST with some early bird sales.

Creality has previously released some laser engravers that are popular among laser engraving enthusiasts. From CV-01 to CV-01 Pro, to CR-Laser Falcon, Creality levels up the engraving and cutting performance to the extreme. Now Creality makes the best even better by releasing Falcon2, the upgraded version of CR-Laser Falcon, which marks a new era of laser engraving.


1. Exceptional Cutting Capacity

22W strong laser power brings industry-leading cutting capacity. Creality Falcon2 makes it easier to cut through even thicker materials. It can cut 15mm wood with one pass, giving you more freedom to cut and create thicker wood products, like wooden chandeliers, wooden furniture and more. Falcon2 can also cut 10mm black acrylic or 0.05mm stainless steel sheet with one pass. That is, many works that you can’t make with 10W laser engraver can be made with this 22W version.

 2. Faster Engraving Speed

With 25000mm/min engraving speed, Falcon2 engraves two times faster than 10W laser engraver, which greatly improves productivity. This is especially friendly for small business owners, for they can create more value for themselves in less time and in a more efficient way. 

3. New Integrated Air Assist

Creality also equips Falcon2 with integrated air assist that makes it stand out from others. The air assist of Falcon2 allows you to manually adjust airflow volume steplessly through the knob on the machine, while it can also automatically adjust the airflow through LightBurn. This new air assist is engineered to remove smoke and protect the laser lens during engraving and cutting, ensuring a cleaner result. 

4. Triple Monitoring Systems

Falcon2 is built with 3 monitoring systems, including airflow monitoring, lens monitoring and flame monitoring, letting you feel easier to engrave and cut your masterpieces. Airflow monitoring indicates the current airflow volume and enables you to adjust it based on your engraving needs. Lens monitoring will trigger an alarm if the lens is dirty enough, and flame monitoring will remind you if a flame is detected.

5. Five Safety Protections

While improving the engraving and cutting performance, this 22W laser engraver also improves its safety performance to protect your peace of mind. Falcon2 is equipped with 5 safety protections, including bidirectional limit switch, active stop function, security lock design, emergency stop button and laser protective cover. 

Bidirectional limit switch and active stop function help the machine work orderly, avoid accidental collisions, and protect the machine and the works that are engraved or cut. Security lock design, emergency stop button and laser protective cover are designed for a better user experience, letting you engrave or cut without worry.

6. Magical Colorful Engraving

Compared with 10W laser engraver, this 22W laser engraver delivers a magical colorful engraving result while it works on stainless steel material. This is because the metal surface will generate color change due to a physical reaction when the stainless steel is heated by a super powerful laser beam. Hundreds of colors will be generated on the metal surface, which adds some colors to your creations and makes your works come to life.


Additional features on the Creality Falcon2 include:

1. Pre-assembled Structure

Assembling the whole machine can take some time even for experienced hands. However, Creality Falcon2 can help you out in just a few minutes. With just three steps, you can complete the installation and start using it thanks to the pre-assembled structure. Just unleash your creativity and enjoy creating as soon as possible.

2. Offline Dynamic Preview

This function is designed to precisely preview, position and adjust the engraving content without having to connect it to a computer. It makes the engraving process visually and dynamically show the track, helping you take good control of your engraving. You can feel free to adjust or fine-tune by pressing the button on the machine.

3. Outstanding Motion Stability

Creality Falcon2 features an all-aluminum structure for enhanced stability in motion. The integrated sliding rails keep running highly synchronized, and the wear-resistant wheels keep moving smoothly even at high speeds. The newly designed foot pads help it stand firmly on the table, ensuring 360-degree non-slip operation.

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